The Most Famous MLB Players of All Time

Baseball, while declining in popularity, is still among the most popular sports in the United States. As such, it gains much attention from the media and legendary athletes are still recognizable in the world, in and outside the United States. Baseball fans know many names but non-baseball fans will still recognize some, such as Babe Ruth.

However, given that the world does not know all the famous MLB players, let us list a couple that are among the most famous ones.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth is a name that is known in and outside the baseball world, as one of the best players to have ever taken up the bat. He broke many records at the time and remains one of baseball’s greatest heroes, a man who managed to score 27 home runs in his first season in 1914. His record got up to 59 home runs in a single season, which is just one of the many impressive statistics about Babe Ruth. His legacy is one of greatness, but also inspiration, having inspired generations of players that came after him.

Willie Mays

Not everybody will think that Mays deserves to be at the top of the list, but he has every right to be here. His statistics are out of this world and when you take a closer look, he is not a specialized player. He did everything right and overall, you are not likely to find a better player than Mays. The only problem with Mays is a lack of titles, but one player cannot carry an entire team of athletes, so Mays has a single World Series title, but 2 MVPs and 20 All-Star appearances, not to mention 12 Golden Gloves, in a row.

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is the greatest player to have graced the Steroid Era of baseball, something the sport isn’t proud of. The sport is, however, proud of Barry Bonds, the batter who had such a good hit score that there was nobody like him. Unlike the other players on the list, Bonds played in the 2000s, which makes his records even more interesting, compared to those of Ruth and Mays, who played decades ago.

Ted Williams

Another great batter from the 1950s, Ted Williams is second only to Babe Ruth, which says a lot about the player. His career was cut short due to the fact that he had to do military service. Couple that with a war and Ted Williams was out of the game prematurely, but not for a lack of desire or will to play.

These are MLB’s favorite players, albeit mentioning names like Honus Wagner, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, would make the list a lot longer and it still wouldn’t cover all of them.

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