The Most Expensive Baseball Cards in History – Collecting Cards is an Expensive Hobby

Each and every sport has its fans, who often do strange things to show their dedication to the sport. This can be troubling at times, because some fans claim to love their teams and support them no matter what, but end up spending all their money, ending up with a mortgage and no family. This is a poor excuse for addiction.

Other fans are more reasonable and support their team or sport with some reasonable activities like collecting cards. It seems to be a common hobby like reading books or having fun with offers similar to BetVictor Casino Bonus. But then, fans realize that some cards are worth more than some neighborhoods. How is that a reasonable hobby?

All jokes aside, collecting cards has been a part of many sports, baseball being among them. With that in mind, there are definitely some really expensive cards. Here are the most expensive of them all. 

Honus Wagner – 2.8 Million Dollars

How can a card be worth this much?! Well, there are a couple of reasons as to why a card is worth this much money, the first being that there are only 200 of these cards, or at least, that many have been printed. The reason for the scarcity is that Honus Wagner did not support tobacco use and did not want his fans to be influenced by the company which printed the cards, namely the American Tobacco Company. The cards were printed from 1909 to 1911 and are part of the Sweet Caporal T206 series. This card has a white border and is one of the many Honus Wagner cards, but none of them are worth as much as this one, not even close.

Mickey Mantle – 525,000 Dollars

This card is the closest competitor to the Honus Wagner card, yet it is not even close in price. The card was printed in 1952 and is a part of the Topps RC series of 1952. There are plenty of them out there, meaning that you might find one from someone who is not an avid fan of baseball and earn a lot of money by selling it to a collector. These things have a way of making someone’s life better just by existing.

Babe Ruth – 515,000 up to a Million Dollars

This is where the competition gets tough. His card was from his rookie years, when he played for the Boston Red Sox. The card is a part of the 1916 M-105 set and is one of the key components to finish the set. If it is in a PSA grade 8 condition, it could sell up to one million dollars. Given its probable price in pristine condition, PSA 8 and upwards, it could sell for even more than a million. 

Generally speaking, these are some of the most expensive baseball cards out there. They are graded, so that also affects the price. There are plenty more cards out there, but there are also lots of fakes. Collectors beware, your money might go in the wrong pockets. 

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