The Greatest MLB Matches of All Time

Baseball is a very competitive sport. At the top, in the MLB, 30 teams compete every year to reach the final in October, the coveted World Series. During the entire season, the teams will show us what professional baseball is all about, meaning great matches, great outplays and great baseball. sometimes even, as the Chinese would say, fun88推介代码.

The MLB has produced some great matches over the last 118 years during which it has been active. Here are the greatest MLB matches of all time, in no particular order.

1975 Red Sox vs Reds

This was a match which made history because it had everything, competitiveness and even length.

The match went for 12 innings. The game was in favor of the Reds for a while, but in the 8th inning, Bernie Carbo made the necessary moves to tie the game.

And finally, in the 12th inning, the Sox took it home. Carlton Fisk took the game with his blasting hit, ending the game in favor of the Sox, 7 to 6. Tense matches like this one is what the MLB is all about.

1986 – Mets vs Red Sox

The Red Sox have certainly won a lot of championships, but you can’t take them all. During this iconic match vs the Mets, a lot of points went back and forth. The Mets finally took it, but not before the 10th inning. The Red Sox basically won the game and the screen even flashed a congratulations message to them. But, the Mets wouldn’t give up. They fought to the end and Ray Knight, Gary Carter and Kevin Mitchell came up huge to win the game for the Mets. They also won the Championship that year.

2017 – Astros vs Rodgers

In more recent history, when the Astors took on the Rodgers, the game went to 10 innings. The Astros took it with 13 to 12, in a game which was a nail biter.

The game had seven home runs, which is a lot for a single game. It was one of the most exciting games of the year. It was Alex Bregman who hit the final ball which sent the Rodgers packing. The game lasted for 5 hours and 17 minutes, which is so long. Even people at home, who were watching the game, had to get up for frequent walks, in order to stay refreshed.

2016 – Cubs vs Indians

This game, like the one above, also lasted for 10 innings. This game was important for the Cubs, who won, because they had, to quote, “the longest drought in the history of American sports.” The game was long and tedious, but during the 10th inning, things started looking up as the Cubs’ talent started showing their true power. Miguel Montero, Rajai Davis and Ben Zobrist all made game-changing plays. With their plays, the game was over and a delirious celebration took place.

2011 – Cardinals vs Rangers

Long games are often fun games, as the teams are competitive enough to score ties on a regular basis.

This game, which had 12 innings, was one of those competitive games. The game had five ties and six lead changes. David Freese was the star for the Cardinals, scoring multiple times, notably in the 9th inning and in the last one, taking the game for the Cardinals. The last point was a home run, of course.

Baseball has many great plays and it will keep having many more. The 118 years of MLB baseball have been amazing. With new players coming every year, it is looking like we will most likely have even more great plays, every single year.

Author: Brandon