The Etiquette of Watching a Live Baseball Match – How to Behave While Watching Baseball

Watching games live can be so much different to watching them alone, even if you have daily accas all to yourself. When people fill a stadium, things can get heated. Fans love cheering and some fans take it too far. There have been examples of hooligans in different sports, which are fans who take things to violence, sometimes.

In order to be a fan who people would be proud of calling one, even fans of other teams, you should know about sports etiquette, or in this case, baseball etiquette. Here is what you need to do when watching a game live, if you want to behave accordingly.

Cheer for Your Team – Don’t Boo Them

In every sport, athletes miss. In baseball, a person getting a strike out is often booed. If a person gets outed in baseball, they are out, no matter whether they got a strike out or hit the ball into one of the walls, and then got outed. The players know this, that there is no difference between outs, at least in terms of points. Do not be those fans who boo their players because they missed the ball three times in a row.

Talk About Baseball – But Don’t Pretend to Be An Expert

Everyone loves talking sports. Some people, however, love using facts or stories they heard somewhere once or twice, to sway other people’s opinions. Those stories are no longer factual, given that the person telling them no longer remembers some, let alone all details of the said story. 

With that in mind, talk about baseball, but try not to be that person who loves EXPLAINING everything to everyone. You are most likely not the smartest or the most knowledgeable person. Have a normal conversation and enjoy the game.

Avoid Wearing Gear from Teams not on the Field

People love cheering for their teams, so they often wear their teams’ gear. Some fans have tattoos, even. But, what you should never do, in any sport, is wear gear from a team which is not playing at that moment. That either puts you in a position of being clueless, or of a jerk. If you’re the first, you should talk to someone, or look at the ticket you bought, while the latter could be fixed by being a bit more considerate. Fans take this seriously and showing up in completely different colors than those on the field could even get you in trouble. 

Do not Tell Your Team What to Do

People love giving advice to their players. Hit that ball, get that home run. Yeah, the professionals often know what they are doing, otherwise they wouldn’t be competing at the top level of play in that sport.

If you want to watch baseball games live, this is what you should do. Do not wear colors which are not on the field, do not yell and boo your players for strike outs and definitely avoid being the smartest person in the stands.

Author: Brandon