The Dream Teams of US Baseball

Baseball appears to be the most popular sport in the US. That is why there are many different baseball leagues that have given birth to great baseball clubs. The largest and most important baseball league in the US is the Major League Baseball which is in charge of the World Series Championship. This league comprises two smaller sub leagues, the National League and the American League. Both leagues include east, west, and central divisions. Those who are familiar with each baseball league and like looking for odds and placing bets on their favorite teams usually like using promotional codes such as Smarkets Promotion Code. For those who ponder upon what baseball teams to follow, here is a list of the five best baseball teams that have been playing in different leagues across the US. 

New York Yankees

The Yankees have been the ultimate champions of the East division. Their original name was Baltimore Orioles, and the team got that name at its very foundation in 1901. In 1913, they changed the name to the New York Yankees. Their total number of victories in the World Series is 27, and they have been home to many famous baseball legends such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Yogi Berra. The New York Yankees can also boast about 44 names that have been included in the Hall of Fame. 

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox was founded at the same time as the New York Yankees, in 1901. Their initial name was the Red Stockings, and it stayed like that till 1908. As a matter of fact, the Red Sox is considered to be the greatest rival of the New York Yankees, and their rivalry can be described as historic as far as North American professional sport is concerned. They have won the World Series 7 times, having enriched the matches with numerous memorable moments. Their success can be also seen in the fact that their home games have always been sold out for the past seven years. 

Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies is the oldest team in the Eastern division, having been founded in 1883. The Phillies have attracted a lot of fans who are pretty active, and their main rivals are New York Mets. Although they cannot brag about the number of wins in the world series, they can ascribe their success to the 100 consecutive sold-out matches in the past few years. 

St Louis Cardinals

St Louis Cardinals is a team coming from the Central Division and a team with a long tradition – they emerged as a team in 1882. They maintain a heated rivalry with the Chicago Cubs. When it comes to winning the World Series, they have managed to win the Series 10 times so far. It is interesting to point out that the Cardinals happened to win the series in their starting season after the Yankees had managed to do the same.

Los Angeles Dodgers

This Western Division team has won the World Series 7 times, and they broke the record of the number of finals they have taken part in. They have participated in the National League finals 18 times, usually facing their greatest rivals San Francisco Giants.

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