The Best All-Star Matches In History

The Major League Baseball is the top level of competition in the United States. The game of baseball sees some of the greatest athletes honor it by making some of the best plays. So, when all-star teams are formed, once every year. The matches are called Midsummer Classics, due to the fact that they take place during summer. There have been plenty of great matches during the history of the MLB, its 80 years or more. The players are selected from the two MLB leagues, the American League and the National League. Some all-star players are selected by the fans, others by the coaches and managers. It’s known that baseball has many fans, and it’s during these games that a lot of the fans not only support their favorite teams, but they also look for best sports betting sites to place bets and see how other fans’ teams are moving up or down the popularity ladder.

The all-star matches have been amazing, but some of them stand out compared to others. Here are the best all-star matches in the MLB.

2008 – American League 4 to 3

This was one of the longest games ever played. It lasted for 5 hours before it was concluded. It had 15 innings. The game of baseball is played up to 9 innings, but given how the game was tied for so long, it was extended and extended some more. There have been a lot of clutch moments during this game, where players outperformed one another. Some players underperformed, however, even after having an amazing regular season. Brad Lidge was one of those players, who manage to miss twice and fail a run. The game had plenty of everything, from stolen bases, players caught stealing, to a player being picked off.

1999 – American League 4 to 1

This game was marked by a single person outperforming everybody else. It was none other than legendary pitcher Pedro Martinez. Pedro Martinez had a brilliant career from 1999 to 2003, where almost nobody could hit his ball. That night, a couple of people managed, but to no avail. His pitching was just that good.

But, this is where you realize just how good he had been at that moment. The batters he faced were Sammy Sosa, Matt Williams, Jeff Bagwell, Mark McGwire, Larry Walker and Barry Larking. Together, these batters had a total of 12,726 hits. That is a lot of hits, but that night, they all struggled really hard against the brilliant throws of Pedro Martinez. He managed to pitch almost perfectly for the entire game, and he was the only one to do so. The rest of the game kind of falls short and it would have been less entertaining if not for Martinez pitching so well.

1970 – National League 5 to 4

This was another exciting and entertaining game, but due to multiple reasons. During that game, the pitches battled for bragging rights. The National League had the better pitches during that match, yet the American League was not far behind. The game lasted for 12 innings. During the latter part of the match, the batters started hitting the balls and earned ac couple of home runs.

None of that compares to the final moment of the match when Pete Rose charged into Ray Fosse at the home plate, to win the game for the National Game. The crash resulted in Fosse fracturing and having his shoulder separated. Fosse is unable to lift his left arm and suffers from arthritis in that arm to this day.

These are the best all-star matches in the history of the MLB.

Author: Brandon