Improving Your Baseball Skills in Virtual Reality – Is VR the Next Practice Tool for Baseball?

Baseball is a popular sport. Being that popular, it has made its way to the internet, where everything ends up. People can read about baseball, or even play video games online or read about it in Interwetten Sports Review. That being said, video games are not the same experience as swinging a bat is, or even throwing a ball.

But, with the development of technology, Virtual Reality came forth as a game-changer. Is it really a game-changer for baseball, as well? Not all sports are equal and some are easier to implement in VR mode. For baseball, the challenge lies in successfully tracking the swing or throw. So, could you practice baseball in VR? Well, yes and no, here are the reasons why.

VR Needs Time – Can’t Practice on a Terrible Platform

This might sound too harsh, but VR development is difficult and without sufficient funding, developers will shy away from something which requires that much time and effort. A game which doesn’t track your batting or throwing the right way would just drive you crazy, not to mention that you wouldn’t get any sort of real feedback on your practice, if that is what you planned using VR for.

VR needs time to mature, and although it’s getting there, some sports are more popular than baseball and they will definitely be getting more priority and attention than our favorite sport with a bat. There have, however, been strides to make VR baseball work.

Everyday Baseball VR – A VR Baseball Game Worth Playing

VR indeed needs time and attention. There are other baseball games which you could try to play in VR, but since they are either so glitchy that you couldn’t survive the first inning without going completely mad, or they never receive the right updates and have flaws at the start, you are not left with a lot of choices.

Everyday Baseball VR is a simple game which tries to aid you in becoming a great batter. The developers were aware of the difficulties of trying too much too soon, so they made a simple batting game which is also easy on the player, if the player should so desire. With this game, you might actually improve your swing and batting skills.

VR Could Be the Solution

If you wanted an easy answer, there is none. VR could very well be the next step in sports games, which would allow people to actually use their bodies instead of just their fingers. This will lead to increased physical activity which is very rarely bad for one’s health.

But, that could also lead to people using VR to practice, as opposed to having to go outside in winter to practice swinging, or risk hitting something indoors, where there are no actual baseball fields.

VR could be the solution for practicing baseball, but in due time. As of right now, you are better off practicing on an actual baseball field. There are some video games which replicate the batting part of baseball accordingly, but that is only a part of baseball.

Author: Brandon