Essential Equipment for Baseball Training

Sports are by nature competitive and every sport is known for the gear that is used when playing and competing. Ball sports have their balls, as well as other requisites, such as bats, hoops, goals, protective gear, and anything else that a sport might need.

Baseball is one of those sports that have more requirements in terms of gear than for example, basketball. Getting the right equipment for baseball is paramount for having a good experience on the pitch. Here is the essential equipment which one should get if they plan on playing baseball.

The Glove – The Fielder’s Glove

Gloves are about as essential as they come to baseball. If you have ever seen a movie scene, of a romanticized childhood where the father plays catch with the son, then you have seen baseball gloves in action. They are essential because the ball is relatively heavy but more than that, it is pretty hard. When a batter hits the ball, it can go in any direction and your fingers would absolutely be ruined after one bad catch and even several good ones. A glove is essential so pick one which suits you. Make sure to break it in before practice. A stiff glove will not do, just like a good pair of sneakers.

Baseball Cleats

Baseball cleats are their own specific breed of cleats. They have a toe cleat, which is different from football/soccer cleats. Make sure to buy the right cleats, that the size is right, and once more, it is good to break them in, though cleats cannot really be worn on concrete.

Make sure to have a pair of cleats, because otherwise, one runs the risk of being injured. Running on the grass in sneakers and anything other than cleats is much more dangerous than it appears to be.

Sliding Shorts, Cups, and Athletic Supporters

These things might not seem necessary, but why not prevent injuries if you can. Most baseball players do not bother, but some positions like the catcher will want to bother. One can keep their parts protected, from sliding and a loose throw here and there, not to mention a bad catch. These things do not cost a lot and can mean much in the long run.

Sunglasses or a Cap

It might not seem like an essential purchase, but the sun will be in your eyes at some point and during that time, sunglasses or a cap would be amazing purchases. Both can be purchased for very little money, making them great investments.

This is the essential gear which one should purchase. Bats, catcher’s gear, and protective helmets are provided by the teams and are otherwise rather expensive. Consider these things before anything else, because safety comes first.

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