About me

One of the world’s most popular sport is baseball. Why is that? Why are a bunch of people (18 of them, to be precise), who throw and hit a ball, run around a field of green, so popular? Well, the same question can be asked of any sport, especially football, which is the most popular sport in the world. The answer really can’t be boiled down to a single sentence. Like any sport, baseball is popular and to a larger extent in some countries of the world, namely the United States.

The Major League Baseball is the pinnacle of baseball, where the best of the best go to play and test their skills against other teams.

The world of baseball changes with every season, so even those who follow it closely need updates from time to time. Newcomers need to be introduced to the game. I strive to bring you all the news from the world of baseball, specifically the MLB. Newcomers or veterans, all are welcome.