A Small Glossary of Baseball Terms

For non-baseball fans, baseball often seems like a maze that you cannot navigate without a guide – just like the Campeonbet doesn’t mean anything to someone who doesn’t like to bet. Having a personal guide just to watch a sport would probably be taking it too far, yet for some sports, like baseball, some terms are definitely not for the faint of heart. In order to avoid that, and to better understand baseball, here is a simple and small glossary of the necessary baseball terms you will likely hear in a game.


There are four bases in the game, the home plate, base 1, base 2 and base 3. All of them are important, as they are often used for scoring points for both the batting team and the fielding team. The batter stands on the home plate and hopes to hit the ball hard enough so that they can do a home run, or run over all three bases to get back to the home plate. They can also run to base 1 or 2 and stay there to earn a point.


The infield is the inner part of the playing field, where most of the players are located. Only three players are on the outfield. The bases are located there, and most of the action takes place on the infield.

Pitcher’s mound

This is a small mound in the middle of the field, between all the four bases, where the pitcher stands and throws the ball at the batter.

Batter’s Boxes

These two rectangles are on both sides of the home plate. The batter must keep their feet in the boxes’ areas when before hitting the ball. Stepping out would be called out.

Catcher’s Box

Behind the batter is a catcher, and they must also stand inside their box until the pitcher throws the ball. Stepping before the ball is thrown is not allowed.

Foul and fair lines

These two lines extend from the home plate towards base 1 and base 3. If the ball falls in the field, or on the line, it is called fair, if it goes behind the line, it is a foul. 

Coach Boxes

Behind bases 1 and 3 are two coach boxes for the two teams. 

The Players

There are two teams in baseball, the fielding team and the batting team. The batting team has a batter, and that is their only position as the batting team. The fielding team has infielders, 6 of them, and outfielders, 3 of them.

The Infielders


The pitcher stands on top of the pitcher’s mound and throws the ball at the batter. The batter must hit the ball. The goal of the pitcher is to throw a ball so that the batter cannot hit it, but it must be within certain bounds around the batter.


The catcher stands behind the batter and catches the ball if the batter misses it.

First, Second and Third baseman and Shortstop

The first, second and third baseman mostly stand around their bases, while the shortstop covers the area between the second and third base. Their job is to catch the ball if the batter hits is and out the batter.

The Outfielders

Right, Center and Left Outfielders

They often stand behind the rest of the infielders and catch the ball if it leaves the infield.

This is a small glossary of baseball terms you will need if you plan on watching baseball.

Author: Brandon